NetCash Casino treats her customers like kings at all times. For that reason, NetCash Casino offers you a VIP program.
You will receive special privileges, nice extras and a higher Next Deposit Bonus percentage with every VIP level!

To be eligible see the details below.
NetCash Casino uses the following table with the VIP levels:

Level Next Deposit
Valid from
Level 0 10% Every player
Level 1 12.5% 5x deposits with a total value of at least 500 Euro
Level 2 15% 20x deposits with a total value of at least 2000 Euro
Level 3 17.5% 30x deposits with a total value of at least 5000 Euro
Ultimate Level 20% 50x deposits with a total value of at least 7500 Euro

We will inform you about the privileges and extras by email. Also you can find your
information in your dashboard when you’re logged in on NetCash Casino.

VIP Program Conditions

The bonuses of our ‘VIP Program’ promotion are subject to the following conditions:

1. This promotion is valid for all registered players of NetCash Casino on and after 01-11-2014

2. NetCash Casino uses the following terms for this promotion:
– a “VIP” is a registered player of NetCash Casino that has achieved at least level 1 of the NetCash Casino VIP Program
– a “Next Deposit Bonus” is a bonus that registered players receive with all deposits after the first deposit
– when NetCash Casino offers a VIP “Extras” and “privileges”, the VIP will be informed per email

3. When a registered player achieved one of the above mentioned VIP levels, he or she should send an email to to request to be added to the VIP level in the Casino System

4. All Next Deposit Bonuses are subject to the General Terms and Conditions, which can be read here