Lucky Clover

Game Overview

Our Casino offers several Slot Machines. In the Slot Machines the goal is to spin the winning symbols on your winline.

How to Play

To start playing, just click the Start button. The rolls will start turning and the symbols will appear. After the rolls are finished, you can hold the symbols by clicking on the Hold button below. You can only hold the symbols one time. The next round, they will automatically start rolling again. You can also choose to select the Auto Spin button. If you select this button the machine will start each round automatically, and will hold the rolls that are most possible to win. If you win points, you can choose to collect them to your bank, or to your total points. If you choose to collect them to your bank and you have more than 4 points, you will start playing the other slot machine on the right of the screen. Here your bet will be 5 points in stead of 1 point. This means higher payouts. When you are playing the top game you can choose the collect button at any time. Your points will be added to your total points.


See Paytable in the game.