Jungle Keno

Game Overview

In the Keno game, you can try to predict which of the 80 numbers will end up in the tube.

How to Play

You can choose the amount of numbers you would like to play with yourself, between 1 to 10 numbers. You can select numbers by clicking them on the number board. You can also click the Auto Select button. This way, the computer will automatically select 10 numbers. You can also select the amount of credits to wager. Your bet can be between 1 and 10 credits. Click the Max Bet button to select 10. After you selected your numbers and your bet, you can click how many rounds you would like to play. You can choose to play 1, play 5 or play 10 times. After you’ve clicked the button of the amount of rounds you would like to bet on, the computer will start generating various numbers. If you want the game to go a little bit faster, you can check the fastplay button. This way, the numbers will be generated faster. The pay out depends on how many numbers you selected to play with, and how high your bet was.


See Paytable in the game.