Galaxy Spin

Game Overview

The good old-fashioned wheel of fortune is back! It still has the best winning chances and the highest pay outs!

How to Play

Every time you spin the wheel, it will end on a number. The first thing you need to do is bet on the number you think the wheel will end on. Your bet can go up to 25 credits per number, except for both numbers 40; you can only bet 10 on these. All together, the maximum wager is 145 per spin. You can bet on all the numbers on the wheel, even at the same time. The more numbers you bet on, the higher the chance of winning is. The number 40 is divided into two colors, so not only you have to guess the number 40, but you also must pick the right color. The chance of guessing the number 40 with the right color is much lower than guessing the number 1, because the 40 is only on the wheel one time and the number 1 is on the wheel 24 times. This is why the number 40 pays out much more on your bet than the number 1 does.

Pay Out

If your bet is on the right number, your bet will be multiplied with the pay out for that number. You will also receive your original bet on that number. For instance, you bet 2 credits on the number 20. The wheel ends up at the number 20. Your bet will be multiplied with 20 (the pay out) 2 x 20 = 40, and your original bet is added up, so that is: 40 + 2 = 42.