3 Cards Poker

Game Overview

Welcome to Three Card Poker, an exciting single deck poker table game based on hands consisting of three cards. In fact, Three Card Poker is two games in one! Pair Plus, Three Card Poker's side bet, allows you to win even more money per hand.

How to play

Place the chips that you wish to wager in the ANTE box. You also have the option to wager on a side bet called Pair Plus by placing chips in the PAIR PLUS box. When you have finalized your bet and you are ready to proceed, press the DEAL button. The dealer then deals three cards faced up, and three common cards faced down in the dealer's position. After you view your cards, you have to decide whether to raise and call your equal ante wager by pressing the Bet button, or surrender and lose the bet by pressing the Surrender button.

Betting Limits

The minimum betting limit in Three Card Poker is 1 chip and the maximum is 300 in chips.


The following table shows various paytables for Pairplus. Pair Plus Combination Pays Straight flush 40 to 1 Three of a kind 30 to 1 Straight 6 to to 1 Flush 4 to 1 Pair 1 to 1 * On winning Ante, Call bet pays 1:1 Ante Combination Payout Straight flush 5 to 1 Three of a kind 4 to 1 Straight 1 to 1 Flush 1 to 1 Pair 1 to 1 High Hand 1 to 1 * If dealer does not qualify: Ante wins 1 to 1, call bet is returned, Pair Plus pays out normally. * If dealer and player has equal hands, dealer wins.

Placing a Bet:

To place a bet, select a chip denomination from the lower right-hand corner of your screen. Once selected, click on the desired bet marker on the table to place a bet. Continue to pick up more chips and place them on the table to increase your bet.

Removing a Bet:

To remove your chips, click the Clear Bet button.